Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Exhibition GA vzw December starting 7 December 14h

Exhibition GA vzw December 2014

Paintings Filiberto Montesinos
Wooden art Lei Olischlager
Ceramics Guido Christiaens
Jewelery Lambert Thys 

Roland Menten 

Marlies Gulikers paintings(left side picture)
Ceramics Marion Murman

 performance choir Inspiration (christmas songs)

Paintings Arvee, in front, snails Roland Menten, ceramics Marion Murman
Glassart Petrico

Paintings Brita Seifert, Snails Roland Menten

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  1. Incredible Marlies Gulikers paintings shared here! Performance choir seems interesting too. I would like to visit such beautiful exhibition hall, as I am a great fan of Aboriginal Art and I never seen art exhibition in my life.