Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Impressions exhibition May 2016

Some of the exhibitors : Hester Cox, Nina Art, MC Art, Marleen Becks,
Theo Cloes, Arlette Loyens, Guido Christiaens


Paintings Filiberto Montesinos ©

Demonstration Working with leather Hester Cox 

Paintings Arlette Loyens, bags Hester Cox

Paintings right : Mark Pol, at the back Jos Vos,
ceramics Marion Timmermans ©

© Marl

Paintings Marleen Becks ©

Pastels Amy Verhoeff ©

Marleen Becks © Marl

Paintings abstract Eric Maquoi© ceramics NiRa Art©

Paintings MC Art ©, Ceramics NiRa Art ©

Nina Art © 

Paintings Theo Cloes ©, snails Roland Menten ©

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