Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dual Exhibition GA vzw ANIMALS Julianus APRIL 2014

Exhibition 22/3 - 6/4 GIRLS Ursulachapel Tongeren

Flyers : exhibitions 2014 in our GA vzw Gallery Julianus


Exhibition Gallery Global Art vzw in Julianus Tongeren (B)

Since Februar our new Gallery in Julianus Tongeren (B)
open each Saturday 14-16 h  & Sunday 10-12 am 
 1st Sunday/month also 14-17h.

Past exhibition Nieuwpoort (Belgium) City Hall 28 June-1 July 1st floor

1st floor exhibition 
CITY HALL Nieuwpoort

Lampwork, glass art Sandra Ceuppens 

paintings Catharina van Ameijde

pencil art JM Detré, paintings Theo Cloes and Marijke Cloes

glass art Hugo Nelissen : he and she 

Ceramics Guido Christiaens

Ceramics Guido Christiaens/background MC Art and Johnny Poppe

Photography Gil Claes 

Left : airbrush Dries Masschaele 

Glass Art Hugo Nelissen 

paintings Theo Cloes 

View at ground floor